I have cancer. But i have to be brave to


Cancer chooses no one. Sometimes it afflicts even the most innocent among us - our children.

One of them is Seve Augusto Sabarre Perez. In September 2005 - one month after turning 3 years old, Seve was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

Seve had to undergo one of the most difficult medical treatments - chemotherapy. At that time, he met his doctors more than his teachers and visited more hospitals and laboratories more than parks and playgrounds.

Despite these trials, Seve remained cheerful and playful, active and inquisitive like any boy his age.  He has shown tremendous courage facing his affliction.

Seve is just one of the thousands who suffer from childhood cancer.  Like Seve, these children are forced to battle their cancer each and every day.  This battle takes years and is always very costly, making it doubly hard for a child and their families.

The courageous spirit of Seve and thousands more - who gamely battle cancer have inspired Seve's parents, Paul and Sigrid Perez - to establish Project: Brave Kids.

Since then, they have helped children with cancer, and have become a voice for better attention, care, and support in the fight of children and their families versus childhood cancer.